• Eternal Bummer Records has welcomed quite a few new signees to the active roster. First off is Grand Bend’s Amity Beach whose latest self-titled EP will see a digital reissue on the EB site in the coming days. It’s incredible; it reminds me of the music I wanted to make in high school but was never cool enough to pull off.
  • Also recently signed is Ottawa’s Robots! Everywhere!!. Phil is a sweet friend of mine and played the EB launch party back in October. Look for his new release in the near future.
  • We’re going to be opening up a feature on the label called the Huron County Archival Series, a collection of lost songs and artists from the annals of HC-scene lore that never officially saw a release. Coming in individual album and compilation forms, this reissue series will be nostalgia-soaked and filled with good tunes. Look forward to music from Hanora, Kevin Frayne, Queen Street, and more.
  • Speaking of Hanora, the annual “Hanora for the Holidays” project is once again in motion, albeit in an exciting new fashion. The sixth (holy crap) installment will be called Hanora and Friends for the Holidays, combining input from artists across the Hanora and Eternal Bummer spectrum, including  Love Note to Dexter, Mikey Chuck Rivers, Stuck Out Here, and no doubt many more. Look for it this holiday season, along with downloads of the past five H4H albums.
  • Lastly, Eternal Bummer Records will be riding along in the back of a multi-horse-powered open cab pick-up truck in the Clinton Santa Claus Parade on Friday, December 2nd. Look for us in Santa hats tossing out candy and singing along with some holiday classics. Stoked to freeze my toes off.
  • Check out the site’s new features and keep coming back for awesome and free local music courtesy of your pals at Eternal Bummer Records.

About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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