• Love Note to Dexter are getting ready to record and release their brand new and sixth(!?) EP titled Eternal Bummer Manor. Featuring five songs written and to-be-recorded at their titular home in Clinton, Ontario, it’s a blast of their trademark nonsense-celebrating super jams, boasting titles like “Full Throttle Party People” and “When Dylan Grew Whiskers,” which they debuted back at the last EBM show in July. Mark your calendar for awesome.
  • Eternal Bummer Records has a pact with HC-supercrooner Grant McMillan to release his new EP Instincts by the end of the month. Expect four tender and beautiful new songs, including the single “All This Time”.
  • There are rumblings of a new release from genre-defiers DNSQ3 coming atcha from EBR. The EP is a culmination of their recent run of Bandcamp singles, available here digitally as well as physically from the boys themselves. Check these dudes out at the Eternal Bummer London, Ontario showcase on September 28th at the Black Shire Pub, also featuring London Free Press cover-stars the Dyadics and a special visit from Mr. Mikey Chuck Rivers himself.
  • Speaking of your favourite loose and lush lout, Mikey Chuck Rivers will be playing Toronto this Thursday, September 13th at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern with Oregon shit-kickers Larry & His Flask. Expect a different shade of Mikey this time around, and bring yer beer money for a brand new t-shirt designed by Steve “SQ3” Dawe of DNSQ3 and Hijinks! Screenprinting and Design.
  • Stay bummed for news on our next releases, next parties, and next reasons to party with your pals at EBR.

About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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