• If you follow your favourite loused souse Mikey Chuck Rivers on Twitter (@beerscanada), you may remember a proposed promise to deliver FOUR brand new EPs by years end. Well guess what: the man is true to his word. Eternal Bummer will be releasing A Delicate Man: The Songs of The National, a Neil Young cover split with Rory Lidstone called Everybody Knows This is a Neil Young Cover Split, and an EP of new material called This Garage featuring Mikey’s new backing bros known by (fittingly) This Garage, while Mikey’s old stomping ground, the Beers Trove, will put out VINGT-CINQ. Big things a-comin’.
  • Speaking of his bearded brother, Rory Lidstone will be releasing an EP of his own through EB. Scarecrow, the follow-up to the self-released What’s the Story, Rory?, was mostly engineered by Kevin Fraser (Slender Loris, one-time/sometimes bassist for Stuck Out Here), while Mikey Chuck Rivers himself put together the last track, a cover of Neil Young’s “Barstool Blues,” which will also be featured on their split together. Look for that bad boy in the near future.
  • EB is stoked to announce the official signing of Goderich’s Fermented Oranges. If you’ve caught them play at the Eternal Bummer Manor or at the Thanksgivin’ Gobble Down, you know their (as they describe it) “rockin’ punky mix of soul, reggae, and an inspirational sexual vibe.”After a busy year of lifeguarding, beachbumming, and a mean case of trenchfoot, these dudes are hard at work on their second full-length which we can’t wait to put out.
  • The genre-defyin’ dudes in DNSQ3 are taking their weirdo roadshow to Toronto on Tuesday, November 13th, playing a set at Rancho Relaxo with TO’s Couriers and BC’s The Party On High Street (gotta love that name, eh?). Be advised: you may end up dancing like Buffalo Bill.
  • I know it’s October, but I bet you can hear those sleigh bells a-ringin’ already, heralding that holiday season coming closer around the corner. Welp, your buds here at EB will join in the celebratin’ this season with a holiday compilation, featuring carols both auld and new from our roster and a few of our outside friends too. When that winter wind blows, this as-yet-untitled comp will arrive down your chimney, so have your milk and cookies on hand as the only creature stirring will be your computer mouse clickin’ “DOWNLOAD” under your tree. Further Christmas metaphors.
  • Stay bummed for more news, releases, and reasons to party from your pals at Eternal Bummer.

About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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