• Feelin’ festive bummerz? Tis the time for another Eternal Bummer Christmas Compilation for you to get yr seasonal stoked on with. This bad boy features 14 tracks from buds you know and love as well as new bands built from yr favourite bummeratti. Ho ho hold out a couple days for this free download down yr chimney.
  • Have you seen the video for Kevin Frayne‘s “Off Track”? Directed by Kenny Wong and former Grand-Bender Brittany Farhat, the video features Frayne bouncing around the back of a van haphazardly driven by his D.E.D. crew members Joel Grace and Owen Vincent. Peep it yo.
  • Looks like some holiday shows are on the horizon in the villa of Bayfield, Ontario. Last year, the Black Dog hosted a night of Christmas collaboration called A Cup of Christmas Cheer and it looks like we’re doin’ it again! Friday, December 20th will be a songswapping, beer-slugging, mistletoe-molesting eve featuring the talents of Mikey Chuck Rivers, Josh Geddis, Darren Eedens, Jillien Regier, Jess Langan, and Aiden Todd-Parrish. The next day Dec. 21st at the Docks, look for another Holiday Mix-Up featuring Wise Boyz Noize, The Nicest, Smudgepot, Gerardtoo Detoo, and Graham Bedard. Good luck finding a cab/sleeping in yr car errybody because we gowna party.
  • Ontario West Coast’s own KyleKanevil has released his debut solo EP called 28 Grams Later and it is fantastic. Stream ‘er over on Soundcloud and check out the videos for first single “Puff Puff Pass” and “Too Much On My Mind” while yr at it.
  • Mikey Chuck Rivers’ Bourbonite Regret Society of Toronto is having its anniversary showcase at The Piston in TO December 30th. Lineup TBA but everyone’s going to drink bourbon, everyone’s going to have regrets, then everyone’s going to resolve to never do it again til next year.
  • Wilhelm Apparel and Eternal Bummer are collaborating on a show Friday, January 3rd at the Docks in Bayfield (lineup also TBA ‘cuz we luvv 2 teazzzz) featuring reunited legends you’ll never forget along with some other HC titans. EB will be at long last releasing its first installment of the Huron County Archival Series, a digital reissue of a classic Huron County record along with bonus tracks, to coincide with this great night. Get stoked.
  • December is a busy month for EB. Get ready fr updates on the regular and as always just stay bummed 4 life xoxo

About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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