Major Minor - Self-Titled front album cover

Eternal Bummer Records is delighted to bring to you its seventeenth release, Major/Minor’s debut record Self-Titled, for free download.

Charlie Weber is a junior Huron County institution, logging man-hours in bands like the controversially-named Saving Our Scene and Winchelsea, Ontario’s own Win Chelsea with fellow S.O.S.-expat Evan Clapp (EB released their album A Turn for the Better in 2012). After the slow dissolve of W.C., Charlie struck out on his own under the nom de guerre Major/Minor and began establishing himself as a folk-influenced, pop-punk indebted singer-songwriter. Self-Titled is his debut album’s cheeky name, but the contents inside are anything but; these are five lean cuts of earnest, honest acoustic self-actualization.

One of Charlie’s great gifts is his nimble handle on wordplay. The “self-titled” title track is a meta little ditty on being a heart-on-sleeve songwriter, where the pun-peppered “Clover” is a riff on the relationship between romance and chance. When he plunges into darker territories like alcoholic salvation, nostalgia, and heartache (a lot of heartache), his wit doesn’t wither; in “The Kids Will Love It”, he likens a crying friend’s nonexistent smile  to a pavement-smothered flower that can’t reach the rain and it’s too durned sweet to be sad. So you see when Charlie drop the tropes of a melancholy old soul, he really comes across as a wide-eyed wunderkind, youthfully naive and genuinely inspired by life’s pits and pratfalls rather than down and out with disillusion. Self-Titled is a sensitive and sincere coming-of-age story aptly told and sung by a fella teetering perfectly on an emotional balance beam, and EB couldn’t be happier to share it with y’all.

1. Self-Titled
2. Clover
3. The Kids Will Love It
4. Stay Gold Ponyboy
5. Lost & Found


Stream & Donate at Major/Minor’s bandcamp here.

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Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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