The Swells Front


I don’t know about you, but Eternal Bummer Records is feeling stoked to bring you its 22nd release, Among Giants’ debut album The Swells, for free download.

The wandering folk minstrels of Among Giants have roots in Huron County and down Highway 4 in the Forest City London, Ontario, but now wander through the 6ix with their woes in big city Toronto. After previously releasing their debut EP 5 Songs & a Poem, a record about the falling in love and falling from grace of musical and romantic partners Dan Steinman and Keyena Marie, The Swells arrives negotiating the difficult dilemma of loving another person while staying whole yourself. Luckily for us, the sound of that struggle is a fully-formed, 9-song twee-folk wonderwork. Shakers, melodica, and Steinman and Keyena’s back and forth interplay make the songs swing from Lumineers-jangle to Edwarde Sharpe eccentricity to Celtic hoedown all over an album that never crosses the line into gooey gimmickry, their beating hearts bursting with an authenticity that only a couple of county kids can muster. Do your summer selves a favour and download this sunshine-y release for free from yr eternally bummed buds.

1. Movers & Shakers
2. Pages
3. Our Kind
4. Thrifty Finds
5. Wolfe St
6. KC Jeebies
7. Lemons
8. The Swells (i)
9. The Swells (ii)


About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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