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Eternal Bummer at long last is pleased to bring you its 24th release, in conjunction with Celebrated Folk Icon Ivan Rivers, the long-awaited, often-hesitated, not-once-imitated It’s Mikey Here: The Lost Mikey Chuck Rivers Album, for FREE download.

Here’s the word from Ivan Rivers himself (and Mikey too):

From the desk of Celebrated Folk Icon Ivan Rivers:
Mikey Chuck Rivers was a transitionary project; a transition from the Bright Eyes-indebted indie wunderkind of my younger years into some sad adult Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down kinda fella, warm 24 in one hand, a collection¬†of Haruki Murakami novels in the other. I was too ashamed to put out this record after a mental health breakdown where I fully embodied the Mikey Chuck Rivers “character”; a bipolar diagnosis and a transcendental spiritual quarter-life crisis later, I shelved the record forever. Today, I’m happy to release it to the world along with Eternal Bummer Records for free download, stream, or PWYC. From the mind of Mikey in the midst of his mania:

“Hey y’all!
It’s yr ole pal Mikey Chuck Rivers here, written’ from Clinton, Ontario to introduce to you a record years in the womb. This here’s It’s Mikey Here, the debut full-length of the drinkin’ man’s thinkin’ man. The songs you’ll hear are over three years old, written as a Mikey Manifesto, the guide to agin’ disgracefully, keepin’ it light, thinkin’ fast, takin’ it slow. Hunkered down in the Swamp Songs studio space in lucky Lucan, Ontario, the ever patient Matt Weston helped facilitate the recordin’ of the Real Bleeders Band in all its fragmentations and permutations over the two-plus year recording period. It’s been a real mission and I’m stoked to finally be able to share it with y’all. Thanks for joinin’ yr ole pal Mikey on our infinitely intertwined loosey goosey celestial paths.

The record is dedicated to Old Man Rivers, my father Dr. Jan Raczycki in his memory, as all songs were written prior to his passing on July 31st, 2011. He gave me my name, my life, and his unrelenting support, plus a serious penchant for Parsons and Guy Clark. Thanks dad.”

So please, download, share, and stream this lost jewel from the heart of Huron County, for free, from yr pals at Eternal Bummer Records


1. It’s Mikey Here
2. Old Soul Something
3. I Don’t Believe In Anything
4. I’ve Grown Up Right
5. The Arboretum Song
6. The Guilt of Living Simple (in a complicated age)
7. Gettin’ On & Givin’ In
8. She’s Cryin’; I’m Drunk
9. This Garage (Bonfire Redux)
10. Might Miss That Home

Matt Weston for the eternal patience, Shawn Hebb for the start down in Hali on my birthday with the pedal steel, Kevin for texturizing, Josh for the shredding, #jillside for the beauty & talent & inspiration, Pat “The Dome” for keepin’ time and survivin’ that blown tire way back in February 2012, the garage crew: Josh & Ryan & Brando & Ian & Joe & Rosha & Katie, Cactus Keith Holland and the Holland Family for takin’ me to Nashville and teachin’ me the real joy of country music, Steve Dawe for the shirts and being a neighbour, Curt Lobb & Aaron Bell for flyin’ to Hali to film some real fun music videos and seein’ the province, Johnson & Nigel for their backwoods buddha powers, the Eternal Bummer extended family and all the Bummerati stayin’ bummed around Huron County, the town of Clinton, Ontario for raisin’ me, the town of Toronto, Ontario for teachin’ me, the town of Halifax, Nova Scotia for strikin’ a balance, the Bourbonite Regret Society of Toronto (drink bourbon, have regrets), Jud Block, Dan and the Rancho Relaxo crew, Ben and Collective Concerts, PouzzaFest, CMW, NXNE, SPAY, the punks, the drunks, and my entire Raczycki and McKinnon clans back and down the line, especially my parents and my autoharp strummin’ sister Scarlett the Finko Palinko.


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Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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