EBR021 – ZABIE – thankyoumoondog



Eternal Bummer Records is buzzed to bring you our 21st release, thankyoumoondog by experimental mastermind ZABIE, for free download.

ZABIE is the new project of Joe Elliott, a Teeswater expat who now resides in Kingston, Ontario. Elliott, of great Huron County scene lore and bummerati A Cat Named Wolf, offers his debut release as ZABIE here, a tribute to legendary composer, poet, and New York City street performer Moondog on what would have been his 100th birthday. Over four songs of beautiful, meandering, atmospheric ambience, ZABIE pays an impressionistic homage to one of his musical inspirations. “I was working on this stuff for a while and really getting lost,” Elliott says, “It all sucked. Then I listened to Moondog 2 and something clicked. The vocals, in particular.” In place of synths or programmed instruments, most of the music is just manipulated wordless vocal rounds. It’s an audio expression of gratitude and a bold and rewarding musical endeavour in its own right. Download it for free and you’ll be saying thankyouZABIE.

1. Raccoon
2. Signs Of The Answerer
3. Derby 1895
4. Radishes


About theotherivan

Cool dude from Clinton, Ontario. Founder of Eternal Bummer Records.
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